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Differences Between Replication & Duplication

The difference between compact disk (CD) replication and CD duplication is that replication is a professional process that creates a CD by moulding the disk to be an exact copy of the original master. Data cannot be added or changed in this case. Duplication, on the other hand, refers to burning data to a disk, as is done in home computing.

Duplicating CDs for personal use is inexpensive and convenient, making it the better choice for low-run needs. CD burners and popular software both do an admirable job of duplicating audio tracks or data files to CD-R (recordable) or CD-RW (read/write) disks.

However, there are instances when replication is a better choice. For example, if you have mastered a CD of original music and would like to make 1,000 copies or more to send out as promotional material to national radio stations, music labels, and talent scouts, replication is cheaper and will ensure durable, reliable copies of the highest standard. Replication will also include label art and packaging, giving your CDs a professional look.

In CD replication your original master is used to make a glass master which in turn allows a set of stamper to be made. High-tech injection-moulding makes exact clones of the master, using the stamper. A coat of reflective aluminium follows, sealed with a protective coat of lacquer hardened by ultraviolet light. Every CD is made in this fashion, essentially a first generation replica. From here the disks pass through a printing device for label artwork.

Replication has many benefits, including accuracy, quality, quantity, and packaging. The clear choice for a professional finished product, in significant to large numbers. The larger the order the better the price break, and prices will vary.

The main expense of replication is in setup fees, leading to the common practice of requiring a minimum run of at least a few hundred copies. Artwork and other considerations will also affect price.

In personal duplication there are no costs aside from the raw materials of a computer system, CD burner, duplication software, printer inks, stickers and blank media.

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